Monday, February 24, 2014

Wedding event live painting or from photographs after the event

This was done from photos after a wedding
on A2 thick watercolour paper
Wedding event  live painting or from photographs after the event
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rose live drawing and painting at a wedding

live drawing and painting at a wedding featured on this blog

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wedding hand drawn map, Wedding stationary, uk

Rose can draw live at your event, make you a custom map for your guests as well as wedding stationary

Rose Popay painted live at Dawn Porter and Chris O'Dowd wedding

Live Wedding artist Uk

The Wedding Painter, Uk
Rose can work with guests on the day, or on her own or even from photos after the event

Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Love!

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*Rose can draw on her own for people to watch


draw along side your guests, with her guidence they too can make there mark!
The canvas can be black and white,

a colour theam, or the full rainbow!

 PLEASE  follow this link to see Roses new website including a contact form

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Biography and Prices and Contact

Wedding Painter
Rose Popay is an established Fine Artist and also an international performer.
Invite Rose to your wedding or event and she will capture your celebration in a truly original way. The bride and groom, the setting the guests are depicted in fine ink drawing which is then brushed with vibrant colour washes.
This can also be worked on with the guests involvement, the choice is yours.

By the end of the day and evenings celebrations the wedded couple are presented with a bespoke canvas to remember there special day. The guests will love to see this master piece develop before there eyes!

The canvas can be any size. Rose is very flexible and keen to please. She has worked all over the world with all ages ranges and abilities and has a great nature of encouraging people to join in.

Her presence and activity will help create that special occasion 

"My painting hangs proud in my home with its vibrant colours and is able to resonate the joy of the best party I have ever hosted! My friends love to spot their contribution to this master piece"
Happy Bride! 

Prices depend on size and location but start from around £350

Rose can also be booked for partys and offer solo portraits of guests

Rose can offer a fine selection of outfits!

For further information and availability do get in touch

07787 123 533

 PLEASE  follow this link to see Roses new website including a contact form